The ultimate knife challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss – beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

Can you beat all the bosses?

World of KINGDOMS is officially open! Can you beat the almighty beast?

Knife Hit is a relatively dangerous art and quite picky players. We often see on TV the men who launch their knives accurately on boards, apples or even a girl fixed on the wall. Does it look cool, right? However, it is not easy at all because it is difficult for you to throw a knife at the target, which is not dangerous at all. This game requires hard work, absolute precision and a bit of risk.

However, it will not be so dangerous when you can try your luck on the mobile phone. The publisher Ketchapp brought this art to the player through Knife Hit game. Ketchapp’s games have always been popular with gamers for its endless entertainment and addictive gameplay. And surely, Knife Hit is no exception. Let’s see what the game looks like.

Come to Knife Hit, you will learn how to become a dagger-master like the talented ninja. Your task in the game is simply hitting a knife. Yes, you need to throw knives on the boards that the game offers. It sounds simple, but the game offers many challenges that make it difficult for you to hit the target. The rotation will continuously turn left, right, fast, slow rotation to give you difficulties. If you accidentally knocked your knife into a previously mounted knife, the game will end immediately.

Knife Hit apk
Knife Hit possesses a play-through mode combined with endless play. There are enough knives required by the game that you can cross the screen. In addition, the apples on the play screen are the spoils that you can collect. Try to eat as many apples as possible by knocking on them to unlock items in the game. Each knife hit will count one point. Throw as much power as you can to create unbeaten records in Knife Hit. Win your friends on the honour page of the game. In addition, the completion of the task will bring about a series of noble badges in Knife Hit. Very interesting, right?

In addition, it is impossible to mention the special system in Knife Hit. After every 4 games, you will face a Boss. Your goal is not wood boards, but rather a variety of interesting things like a compass, a cake, or even a cheese plate. These special stages are much harder than the normal ones, requiring you to be very careful in every shot. However, winning these games will bring you a lot of points and apples.

Knife Hit apk 2
Use the number of apples you collect to unlock dozens of full-colour and cool-designs knives in the game. If you are a knife collector then surely Knife Hit arsenal will make you lovers. When playing Knife Hit, I feel extremely inhibited because unfortunately to lose. But that is the attraction of Knife Hit, make you want to play again and again.

Knife Hit apk 3
In terms of graphics, perhaps the game is not worth talking about because Ketchapp games usually focus on unique gameplay and fast-paced gameplay, attracting players. Developed in 2D graphics, the effects of Knife Hit are very smooth, giving players the feeling of throwing knives in real life. Especially when you break the board, looks very interesting.

This game supports both iOS and Android platforms, are you ready to download?

Download Knife Hit (MOD & Original APK)

Knife Hit for Android
APK – v1.8.3
Knife Hit for Android
APK (MOD Free Shopping, Unlocked all knives, Remove ads) – v1.8.3
Note: Please select a link to download Knife Hit for free. You can choose the MOD (Free Shopping) version or the original APK.

Knife Hit – an exciting game on android, where you will throw knives into a tree. This game will actually test your agility and accuracy, which you will need to throw knives into a rotating object. Throw knives so as to break a tree or an apple and beware of sharp spikes and do not get into other knives, otherwise the game will end for you. Every fifth stage of the game you will meet with strong bosses who will protect the object from destruction. Having won the boss, you will receive as a reward new exclusive knives. Time for the task you will be limited, so that as quickly as possible, throw knives and skillfully pass the levels.

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